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Laura Cattaneo (Editor)

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Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering Politecnico di Milano Milan Italy

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Models, Methods and Tools for Product Service Design

This book summarizes work being undertaken within the Manutelligence European Research Project (Grant agreement N°: 636951, H2020-FoF-2014, FoF-05— Innovative product–service design using manufacturing intelligence). The project aims at supporting enterprises to develop smart, social, and flexible products with high value-added services. Manutelligence has improved product and service design by developing suitable models and methods, and connecting them through a modular collaborative secure ICT Platform. The use of real data collected in real time through the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies underpin the design of product–service system (PSS) and allows to follow the PSS along its life cycle. Available data allows a better measure and simulation of costs and sustainability issues, through life-cycle cost (LCC) and life-cycle assessment (LCA). Analyzing data coming from IoT systems and sharing LCC and LCA information thanks to the ICT Platform allows speeding up the design of product–service (P-S), decreasing costs and better understanding customer needs. Industrial partners involved in the project provided a clear overview of the Manutelligence results and proved how its technological solutions improve the design of a product–service system and the management of the product–service life cycle.

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