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Jonas Johansson Wensman

Jonas Johansson Wensman am a veterinarian since 2004 with a special interest in infectious diseases, especially the interplay between pathogen, host and environment. He is working with various pathogens (mainly viruses, but also bacteria) and several host species. Research questions are based on clinically relevant problems, focusing on pathogen factors (prevalence, genetic characterization, immunomodulation and immune evasion mechanisms), host factors (genetics, host immune responses) and environmental factors (management routines, infection pressure/co-infections, wildlife interactions). The importance of these factors and how they interplay in infectious diseases is my major research interest.

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Emerging Trends in Veterinary Virology

Advances in biochemistry, molecular biology, virology, and structural biology have enabled the researchers in veterinary medicine to make many exciting discoveries that have, in some cases, conceptually revolutionized our understanding of the discipline. Emerging Trends in Veterinary Virology is a review of selected topics about viral infections in animals. 11 chapters cover recent findings about specific viruses that infect a variety of hosts. The contents cover several types of veterinary infections in birds (Infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT), avian leucosis), cats (feline rabies), dogs (canine distemper), bovines (viral leukemia) and equines (hendra virus disease). Additionally, special topics such as the epidemiology of veterinary zoonoses and SARS are also covered. The book provides updated information for researchers (virologists, microbiologists), students and veterinarians, alike.

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