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Dr. M.Suresh

Dr. M.Suresh, is an associate professor at the Department of Robotics and Automation Engineering, PSG College of Technology, India. His Ph.D. research focused on theoretical and experimental investigations of orientations of brake pads in vibratory part feeders. His current research focuses on advanced manufacturing technology, process automation, and industrial robotics. He has published around seventy-three technical papers in refereed and impact-factored international journals. He has authored three books in the field of industrial automation and assembly automation. He received the outstanding faculty award and best faculty of the year from SKCET and PSG Institute of Advanced Studies for his academic and research works in 2013 and 2018, respectively.

Dr. M.Suresh

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Functional Composite Materials: Manufacturing Technology and Experimental Application

C. Samson Jerold SamuelDr. M.SureshDr. S. Gnanasekaran

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Functional Composite Materials: Manufacturing Technology and Experimental Application

This book highlights the advancements in the manufacture and testing of functional composites, metal matrix composites and polymer matrix composites. Chapters provide information about machinability studies of metals and composites using a variety of analytical techniques. The 12 book chapters also highlight updates in manufacturing technologies like CNC turning processes, electrical discharge machining, end milling, abrasive jet machining, electro chemical machining, additive manufacturing, and resistance spot welding. Readers will learn how to solve applied problems in industrial processing and applications. The book is of significant interest to industrialists working on the basic and experimental parameters for fabricating functional composites and manufacturing technology. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the presented topics, the information presented in the book is of value to a broad audience involved in research, including materials scientists, chemists, physicists, manufacturing and chemical engineers and processing specialists who are involved and interested in the frontiers of composite materials.

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