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Dr Sabiu

Dr Sabiu, is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science at the DUT. Currently, Dr Sabiu is a South African National Research Foundation (NRF) Y-rated researcher and an awardee of two NRF research grants. He leads a young research group comprising a Postdoctoral fellow, four Honours and four PhD students, and he has significant scholarly publications to his credit in reputable journals and enjoys good citations. He has an ongoing therapeutic project on COVID-19 and one of the PhD students is being mentored on the project. He reviews bursary and scholarship applications for NRF, actively reviewing for more than 20 good journals, and an Academic Editor for Evidence-Based Complementary Alternative Medicine (ECAM) Journal, a reputable and accredited journal in his field. Dr Sabiu has special interests in Phytotherapeutics, Drug Discovery and Development, Computational and Redox Biology, and Viral Metagenomics. He is currently researching into the detailed concepts of therapeutic mechanisms of secondary metabolites in degenerative and microbial diseases while reporting health benefits in a way that will provide valuable data which will lead to new small molecule targets that could potentially be lead for drug discovery.

Dr Sabiu

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Therapeutic Use of Plant Secondary Metabolites

Dr Sabiu

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Therapeutic Use of Plant Secondary Metabolites

The book is an evidence-based reference about biochemical mechanisms of action of plant secondary metabolites. It conveys an understanding about how plant-based therapies work, and explains their role in the treatment of diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, and microbial infections. The 15 chapters in the book are written by eminent scholars, lecturers, and experts in indigenous knowledge systems (IKS), industrial and medicinal plants, phytotherapeutics, and phytoinformatics. Reports on health benefits of specific phytochemicals are also highlighted. In addition to basic concepts in medicinal chemistry and ethnopharmacology, the book covers the role of modern computer techniques in developing new pharmaceuticals from plant sources. Therapeutic Uses of Plant Secondary Metabolites is a timely and valuable reference for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in medicinal chemistry, as well as researchers and professionals in IKS, phytomedicine, ethnopharmacology, phytopharmacology, plant biotechnology, drug discovery and development, and phytotherapeutics.

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