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Lamture Yeshwant Ramrao

Lamture Yeshwant Ramrao

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Handbook of Laparoscopy Instruments

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Handbook of Laparoscopy Instruments

Lamture Yeshwant Ramrao

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Handbook of Laparoscopy Instruments

Handbook of Laparoscopy Instruments covers the essential components of laparoscopic instruments and technology. It presents accessible information covering key topics on the subject: Ø Basic and specialized laparoscopic instruments Ø Image production Ø Pneumoperitoneum maintenance Ø Ergonomics Ø Sterilization procedures Ø Optical devices Ø Operation theatre layout and setup Ø Operative hand instruments Ø Robotic Surgery This book is an indispensable resource recommended for students and surgical residents who need an understanding of instruments and procedures in laparoscopic surgery. It is also intended to help medical professionals who want to start laparoscopy units in their clinics.

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