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Javier Marhuenda

He obtained the degree of Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the Universidad de Católica San Antonio de Murcia and completed three official Master's degrees and his Doctorate in Nutrition and Food Safety at the same institution. The objective of his Doctoral Thesis was the comparison of the effect of different types of wines and their musts of origin on the systemic and specific protection of the Central Nervous System after their acute intake, thus characterizing their phenolic profile and new bioactive compounds. During the predoctoral period he worked with Dr. Gil Izquierdo and Dr. Cristina García Viguera (CEBAS-CSIC, Murcia) The main purpose of his research was to evaluate the interaction of bioactive compounds present in different dietary dietary matrices with the Endogenous mechanisms responsible for the response to 2 different pathologies and physiological situations. His career has focused on the modulation of inflammation and oxidative status after the intake of bioactive compound-rich foods, being able to gain experience in the design and management of nutritional intervention studies. This experience has been reflected in the direction of clinical intervention studies such as IP. He is currently working as a Contracted Doctor accredited by ANECA, teaching activities at the Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM), which combines with his research work in nutritional research projects in obesity prevention, modulation of inflammatory response and bioavailability of nutrients. He has published 13 JCR articles, 2 scientific books and 3 book chapters, as well as multiple presentations and communications to international conferences.

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Diabesity: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Diabesity: A Multidisciplinary Approach Diabesity refers to the linkageof both diabetes and obesity that results in the coexistence of these 2conditions. Research has identified pathophysiological mechanisms revolvingaround insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia. Diabesity has importantdiagnostic and therapeutic implications. This book is a multidisciplinaryreview of diabesity. It highlights the various pharmacological methods ofmanaging the condition. The book presents 10 chapterscontributed by more than 40 experts from around the world. The review startswith an overview of diabesity and progressively describes the relationships ofdiabesity with the choice of diets and psychological factors. The chapters thencover the role of adipokines as therapeutic biomarkers before presentingresearch on medicinal and nutritional approaches to treat the condition.Modern approaches to diabesitytreatment such as the use of new bioactive phytochemicals, mitigatingmeta-inflammation and laboratory techniques are also reviewed in the book. Diabesity: A MultidisciplinaryApproach is a timelyreference for clinicians (in endocrinology and family medicine subspecialties)and students of pharmacology and medicinal chemistry on the intricaterelationship between diabetes and obesity.

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