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Cristina García Viguera

First, during PhD different HPLC techniques for food analysis and characterization were developed. After worked in different laboratories as: Plant Sci. Dep. Oxford Univ (1992)- got familiar with GC-MS propolis analysis and (1993) Consumer Science Dep. (IFR, Reading (UK)- wine polyphenolic analysis, specifically anthocyanins and phenolic acids, as well as in ATO-DLO (Netherlands), University of Porto (Portugal) and Reading Univ (UK). In 1994 returned to CEBAS-CSIC where developed a new and independent area of research in polyphenolic analysis in the field of agrofood chemistry, under Spanish public contract. In 1999 became permanent staff of the CSIC as a Tenured Scientist, followed by Scientific Researcher (2004), and Research Professor (2009). She has been CEBAS-CSIC Vice-director and Head of Food Science & Technology Dept. She actually leaders a research group (Phytochemistry and Healthy Foods Lab) that has been scoring position in the field of phytochemicals in food, mainly: Separation, characterization and quantification of phytochemicals in foods, mainly fruits and brassicas, and derived products; Chemical transformations of phytochemicals (anthocyanins, and other flavonoids, glucosinolates, minerals and vitamin C) resulting from the food industry processes; develop of new beverages and foods; influence of breeding on broccoli inflorescences and sprouts chemical composition; antioxidant and biological/health properties of certain plant phytochemical compounds (polyphenols/flavonoids and glucosinolates).

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Diabesity: A Multidisciplinary Approach Diabesity refers to the linkageof both diabetes and obesity that results in the coexistence of these 2conditions. Research has identified pathophysiological mechanisms revolvingaround insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia. Diabesity has importantdiagnostic and therapeutic implications. This book is a multidisciplinaryreview of diabesity. It highlights the various pharmacological methods ofmanaging the condition. The book presents 10 chapterscontributed by more than 40 experts from around the world. The review startswith an overview of diabesity and progressively describes the relationships ofdiabesity with the choice of diets and psychological factors. The chapters thencover the role of adipokines as therapeutic biomarkers before presentingresearch on medicinal and nutritional approaches to treat the condition.Modern approaches to diabesitytreatment such as the use of new bioactive phytochemicals, mitigatingmeta-inflammation and laboratory techniques are also reviewed in the book. Diabesity: A MultidisciplinaryApproach is a timelyreference for clinicians (in endocrinology and family medicine subspecialties)and students of pharmacology and medicinal chemistry on the intricaterelationship between diabetes and obesity.

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