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Dr. Renu Nayar

Dr. Renu Nayar has obtained her MSc degree in Chemistry from Model Science College, Avadhesh Pratap University, Rewa(M.P.), India in 1993 and a PhD in water pollution from Guru Ghasidas University, Bilaspur in 2006. She is working in the fields of water pollution and material science. She has successfully completed two research projects sanctioned by UGC Bhopal and one ongoing project sanctioned by the state planning commission. She has published 20 research papers in international and national reviewed journals. Some of the chapters are published by Elsevier, Springer and other edited books. Presently, two PhD students are working under her guidance.

Dr. Renu Nayar

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Water Pollution Sources and Purification: Challenges and Scope

Dr. R. M. Belekar Dr. Renu NayarDr. Pratibha S. Agrawal

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Water Pollution Sources and Purification: Challenges and Scope

"The book helps readers to understand the fundamentals of water purification processes. Chapters in the book cover industrial purification techniques, while also exploring the future scope and current challenges in this field. Key Features - seven chapters arranged and structured in a clear, coherent manner for understanding the broad topics. - Covers basic water purification techniques for safe drinking water - Covers defluoridation techniques - Explains the parameters affecting photocatalytic degradation of substituted benzoic acids. - Includes a case study for seasonal variations in pond water - Covers the role of nanotechnology in wastewater treatment - Covers the impact of water mismanagement on the environment with suggestions for preventive measures for sustainable water utilization This reference informs advanced readers (sustainable development professionals, post-graduate and research scholars) interested in water treatment processes. It also serves as a resource for courses in environmental chemistry, waste management and sustainability."

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